Grover said WHAT?!? Did he just drop the F-Bomb?

January 2, 2019

Ok, is the the new Laurel/Yanny or just a case of misinterpretation? Listen for yourself and tell us what you think?  Does Grover really have a potty mouth?

We here on ‘The Internet’ love two things: kids’ characters being inappropriately adult and illusions of perception. You know, is the dress blue or white? Are they saying Yanny or Laurel? Or, in this case, is Grover, Sesame Street’s beloved sweet natured little Muppet, who would never a cuss word speak or even think, saying “Yes, Yes, That Sounds Like An Excellent Idea” or “Yes, Yes, That’s A Fucking Excellent Idea”. I mean, of course he’s not actually saying the f-word, or at least he doesn’t mean to, but man, you listen to this thing thinking he is, and you are in for a weird little shock. It was discovered on Reddit by user u/shrodert.

Click HERE to watch the video.