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Happy Earth Day!

It's Earth Day 2018 and time to preserve our world by taking environmental action. In order to do so we must look back at what we have learned from the last Earth Day. The problems to address are plastic in our waters, animal extinction, rapid ice melting and lack of disaster preparation. Also, we saw positive "growths" emerge. We witnessed pandas beating extinction, sea-grass regrowing in the Chesapeake Bay and new species being discovered. Life is breathing each day and Earth provides the air. Let's take care of it!


Verne Troyer (Mini-Me) has Passed Away at Age 49

Verne Troyer, best known for playing the character of Mini-Me in the "Austin Powers" movie series, has died at age 49. Click HERE to read full article.


A Home Intruder Was Arrested For Eating Cheetos Naked In A Bathtub

Evelyn Washington was arrested after a woman came home from work and found the 29-year-old eating Cheetos in the bathtub.  There was also a FULL plate of food resting on the toilet near the tub.  Click HERE to read full story.


Swedish DJ Avicii Dead at 28

Swedish DJ Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, died at age 28 on Friday, April 20, his publicist confirmed. 


LeBron’s Monster Effort Leads Cavs Past Pacers

Coach Tyronn Lue wanted LeBron James to be more aggressive to start Game 2. The King did that and more.

After what could almost be described as a “quiet” triple-double in Game 1, Cleveland’s four-time MVP came out guns blazing on Wednesday night – scoring the game’s first 13 points, netting 20 in the first quarter and eventually leading both squads with 46 points as the Wine & Gold evened up the First Round, taking the 100-97 win over the Pacers at The Q.