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Power outages to endure in Alliance

“Due to the widespread damage across our region, we expect it to be a multi-day restoration effort in OH and PA,” FirstEnergy said on its Twitter account late Friday morning. “We encourage customers to make any arrangements they see necessary to stay safe and comfortable while service is restored.”


Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee Has Died at 95

Stan Lee has died at the age of 95, The Hollywood Reporter confirms. The Marvel creator was reportedly rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Monday morning and passed away shortly after. Stan suffered from pneumonia and vision issues over the past year, though his cause of death still remains unclear.

Stan started Marvel in 1961 when he teamed up with Jack Kirby for The Fantastic Four, and is best remembered for creating Spider-Man, Black Panther, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Iron Man, and The Avengers. Stan's wife, Joan, passed away in 2017 after suffering a stroke, but he is survived by his daughter J.C. and younger brother Larry Lieber.


This Viral Video May Ruin Soup Bars Forever

In the 13-second segment, an older gentleman dressed in athleisure wear is seen standing over a soup bar. Clearly interested in one particular offering, the man removes the ladle from a soup pot and brings it directly to his mouth multiple times before returning it to the same container as if a massive breach of supermarket etiquette hadn’t just occurred.


Cleveland Browns part ways with OC Todd Haley

The Cleveland Browns wiped out their entire offensive brain trust on Monday.

In addition to firing coach Hue Jackson, the Browns also canned offensive coordinator Todd Haley, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported.

Heading into Sunday's game at Pittsburgh, it appeared if a firing took place, either Jackson or Haley would remain with the organization while the other was let go.

Now both are out.


Florida Man Arrested and Charged for Mail Bombs

New York (CNN)The man arrested and charged by authorities on Friday in connection with a wave of mail bombs wrote a number of posts on social media vilifying news organizations, including one tweet in which he showed an image of a building that was affixed with a CNN logo on fire and said the media outlet "needs to be abolished once for all."