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Born and Raised in Northeast Ohio. I call Canal Fulton and Stark County home. My loves include Ed Sheeran – whiich was the highlight of my radio career (MEETING THE GINGER in Cleveland) although I didn’t say anything to him other than “Hi, I’m Jenny” while hugging him – it was the most magical night of my life) I also met my husband and a lot of other weirdos working in this business – it is amazing!  I love my kids, husband, dogs, coffee and wine deeply. I have been heard around Akron/Canton since 2001.  I love being able to bump Q92 in the drop off line at my kids’ school and say HEY I WORK THERE! Also I recently found out Travis Scott is Kylie’s baby daddy – and I once saw Khloe at a Cavs game hiding in her sunglasses….I snapchatted the whole thing!  She saw me.


E! News i loved Tyler...but he is busy whoring it with GIGI and NYC...Yes Peter yes!
The Bachelorette's Pilot Pete is the captain now...probably.
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this cat is bigger than my dogs!!! LOOK HOW SWEET!!!!
Fat cat looking for a good home this cat is bigger than my dogs!!! LOOK HOW SWEET!!!!
BeeJay, a k a Mr. B, weighs in at a whopping 26 pounds!
‘You’ Season 2 Will Be ‘Darker’ Than Season 1 and again.....I am attracted to this guy...... help.... 😬
While the first season of ‘You’ was extremely intense, expect the show to go even darker with the sophomore season — ...
I <3 this SO MUCH!! Teachers are such a blessing!!! <3
does this look good to you!?!?!? Straight up for me it is....... 🤮🤢🍕🍝
Cosmopolitan does this look good to you!?!?!? Straight up for me it is....... 🤮🤢🍕🍝
Pizza + ramen noodles = the combo my college self dreamed about. 🍜🍕 (via Foodbeast)
Jenny Lyte ...
The Barrel Room wine bar takes over historic Canal-Fulton building yesss my little town getting that press! The Barrel Room on Canal - 💯👏🥰🍷
The Barrel Room recently opened in a historic building in Canal-Fulton.
Win your way in to a PRIVATE performance at The Auricle - Venue & Barwith Judah & the Lion 🦁 only with Q92 🌟
Police: Laws still apply, even when drinking Claws Wait, what??!!
A Wisconsin police department wants to remind its residents that laws do, in fact, apply to drinkers of hard seltzer.
Thanks for following me and my radio journey!!! It is YOU, the listener that makes it so much fun!! <3
So damn accurate....and I hate when the bitch is edited out!!! 🤪
im not right in the Uh oh!!! 🤣🤣🤣
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proud to say I was the one to play it on the radio first!!! It is an EAR WORM for sure!! Mark Leach Hey Monea White Claw Hard Seltzer 💯🔥🤩...
🚨🚨🚨🚨This is an Amazing deal! Cedar Point $99 pass for shores and park! Unlimited visits for end of 2019 and all of 2020! 🤩🎟🎢🎡🎠
Who is going tonight!? Click in my comments for the set list! 💯🔥
Take your PSL..... this is all I want!! 🎃 🥧 😋
this describes my "age bracket" perfectly!!!!

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