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I grew up in Massillon, Graduated (barely) from Jackson High School, lived here for 24 years did a little time in Cleveland and it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.  I am so excited to be back home and here at Q92.  If I’m not trolling the Internet for stuff to talk about I’m probably looking up how to pronounce big words so I can impress the ladies.  I hate wearing pants and love talking to myself in small dark rooms. Catch me on your radio every weeknight 2 PM-7 PM!


#HotTake Why aren't we asking who's hand was in the Snake video??? #DontFckWithCats
#HotTake If you by copper Energy Socks you no longer have the right to vote #ThisIsAmerica #USA
#HotTake @Eminem new album is OK. Even if you don't think we need gun reform. 🤯🤯🤯 You won't be turned into the thing you hate if you listen to it
I just figured out how to Solve the Replay Problem. If the @NFL is going to allow replays for basically every call. Replays must be viewed in real-time speed. #Genius...
If Australia wasn't on fire watching a koala drink out of a water bottle would be the cutest internet trend of the decade
#HotTake 2 years to late. Anyone that says "A New Hope" is better then "The Last Jedi" is an Asshole who is too high on nostalgia to make reasonable desicions
Hey @ChickfilA how many days since the last stabbing at your place. https://t.co/9YMFylmdB1 via @nbcnews
THE Only place to watch the @ufc is @DiamondRoyale1 and @DiamondLodge . Come out this Saturday and hang with me https://t.co/pTaOnSc1cf
Just got to the gym. That doesn't open until 11am on Sunday. And the jackass that is supposed to open it is running late. WHO THE F🤬🤬K CAN'T WAKE UP...

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