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Chuck works in Promotions and as a Weekend On-Air Talent for Q92. He is from the small village of Navarre, Ohio. Chuck graduated out of Fairless High School, where he discovered his love for “reading things aloud to a listening audience.”   After high school, he quickly enlisted in the Army Reserve where he did eight years of service including one active duty tour in Afghanistan. Chuck learned all his common sense in the military, but needed a formal education so he returned to school and graduated from the University of Akron with a focus in Media Studies. In college his dulcet tones could be heard on the university’s radio news program and entertainment show. Now, Chuck has moved up in the ranks of Q92 from humble intern to valued employee. Catch him on the weekend or try to catch him every Friday morning with Megan and Christian when they play “Where the F*** is Chuck!?”

Fun Facts: Chuck likes talking about movies, video games and intricate dreams. He can do a behind-the-back clap push up. Chuck hosts a trivia night in downtown Canton. He is a vegetarian because he’s not religious enough to be a vegan. His most notable feature is a red beard.  Also, Chuck wrote this bio himself.


When you just begin to warm up at the end of the season. #Browns
As a consequence of playing too much #RedDeadRedemption2, I am aware of how slow I walk, I use the phrase "I reckon" more and I have a new found appreciation...
Hearse fight! If monster trucks could retire, this would be the next Grave Digger
I'll say it now, Johnny Depp as Gilbert Grape made V-Necks.
Yes, to be safe, I applied SPF 30 on this December day in Ohio. #CantRiskIt
Can't tell if someone smoked bad weed next to this urinal or just had smelly piss
Happy #Thanksgiving
There's chilli.
Me: Cool, I love chilli.
Family: It's not vegetarian.
Me: Oh, now that's just cold. Some might say it's... (Lowers sunglasses) CHILLY.
Here’s a song for whoever you are #HappyThanksgiving… Thanksgiving by Pinegrove
GF: I'm listening to a #Thanksgiving playlist.
Me: I'm listening to Dark Wave Synth Pop.
A #Thanksgiving Carol: You are visited by three meals on the Eve of Thanksgiving. One you had before, one you just tried for the first time today and the one...
I'm no chef, but I think a cookbook is just a book you can cook #readersdigest
Kratos is to Atreus what Arthur Morgan is to a stallion. #GodOfWar #RedDeadRedemption2
Here’s an album for you, #ItFucks … B-Sides and Remixes, Vol. 2 by Perturbator
We once played Call of Duty Modern Warfare Two in our tents in Afghanistan while outside there was a Call of Duty Modern Warfare Also. #HappyVeteransDay
Me: How did you get your name?
Mom: My mother told me my father read it in a book and liked it. It's funny because I never saw my father...
It's free and I do a gameshow voice. What's not to love? #WednesdayWeekend baby, woo!

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