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Chuck works in Promotions and as a Weekend On-Air Talent for Q92. He is from the small village of Navarre, Ohio. Chuck graduated out of Fairless High School, where he discovered his love for “reading things aloud to a listening audience.”   After high school, he quickly enlisted in the Army Reserve where he did eight years of service including one active duty tour in Afghanistan. Chuck learned all his common sense in the military, but needed a formal education so he returned to school and graduated from the University of Akron with a focus in Media Studies. In college his dulcet tones could be heard on the university’s radio news program and entertainment show. Now, Chuck has moved up in the ranks of Q92 from humble intern to valued employee. Catch him on the weekend or try to catch him every Friday morning with Megan and Christian when they play “Where the F*** is Chuck!?”

Fun Facts: Chuck likes talking about movies, video games and intricate dreams. He can do a behind-the-back clap push up. Chuck hosts a trivia night in downtown Canton. He is a vegetarian because he’s not religious enough to be a vegan. His most notable feature is a red beard.  Also, Chuck wrote this bio himself.


Me: #ValentinesDay is a #HallmarkHoliday, but we can still celebrate by making memories. These memories can never be forgotten even if they become far-off like a distant dream. They will...
There is no way Bruno Mars is taller than Cardi B
If you cut a dude's dick off and count the rings, you can get an estimate of how sexist he is.
Quiz Master is the highest level of Quizardry! Let's make tonight #Magical
Sneak a peek at the new Colonel America. Nothing says promotion like an authoritative mustache.
My journey in chronogical order this far:
KH Back Cover
KH Birth by Sleep
-KH Chain of Memories (me)
KH 358/2 Days
KH coded
KH: Dream...
From the mash-up mind of @DoctorPenna and Phone-O-Shop by me comes...
#KingdomHearts3 is the loudest video game. If you play it at night, the menu noises alone will wake your girlfriend and she will yell at you and make fun of...
For your next house party… Cuphead (Original Soundtrack) by Kristofer Maddigan
Today I got to utter the classic phrase, "Oh, I think I cut my nipple."
Me: How bout pizza?
GF: Any form of cheese on bread, please!
I just texted about my excitement for Spotify's horoscope playlists. #IDontKnowWhoIAmAnymore
GF: Can you feed the dogs?
Me: Yeah, what about the plants?
GF: Do you know how to 'feed' plants?
Me: In their butts.
#LifeGoals: Be cast as white guy with bad hair in a season of #TrueDetective... 80's or 90's timeline, doesn't matter.

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