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Chuck works in Promotions and as a Weekend On-Air Talent for Q92. He is from the small village of Navarre, Ohio. Chuck graduated out of Fairless High School, where he discovered his love for “reading things aloud to a listening audience.”   After high school, he quickly enlisted in the Army Reserve where he did eight years of service including one active duty tour in Afghanistan. Chuck learned all his common sense in the military, but needed a formal education so he returned to school and graduated from the University of Akron with a focus in Media Studies. In college his dulcet tones could be heard on the university’s radio news program and entertainment show. Now, Chuck has moved up in the ranks of Q92 from humble intern to valued employee. Catch him on the weekend or try to catch him every Friday morning with Megan and Christian when they play “Where the F*** is Chuck!?”

Fun Facts: Chuck likes talking about movies, video games and intricate dreams. He can do a behind-the-back clap push up. Chuck hosts a trivia night in downtown Canton. He is a vegetarian because he’s not religious enough to be a vegan. His most notable feature is a red beard.  Also, Chuck wrote this bio himself.


My suggested apps to download are a boring puzzle, dad jokes and a suicide prevention game. #OnBrand
A king can knight you. A knight can knight you. Just imagine what a Night King can do for you... #GameOfThrones
Jon Snow knows nothing... about timing. #GameOfThrones
#GameOfThrones Episode 2: We've Come A Long Way (the reunions)
From a push out the tower to a push around the courtyard. It's the Bran and Jaime Show! #GameOfThrones
I want a relationship where we look at each other the same way Bran and Jaime look at each other. #GameOfThrones
The older I get, the less I notice morning wood being a thing... unless I get a full eight hours. I think I'm horny for sleep.
Cersei: ... Did you bring the elephants?
Golden Co.: Did you see the last scene? With the dragon riding? It ain't in the budget.
The Night King really knows how to set up a fireworks display. #GameofThrones
#GameofThrones continues it's aged old tradition of having child murder in the premiere!
Sam: Well, I have some overdue books and this sword...
Daenerys: Solved your sword problem, bro!
Any time any of the characters refuse to get along, please cut to Bran Starrk saying "we don't have time for this!" #GameofThrones
Nothing says forgiveness like a headbutt #GameofThrones
Google suggested ads after listening to me complain about kitchen ants...
Ohio PSA: #WinterIsComing and, maybe, a tornado too. Please, DVR and stream #GameofThrones responsibly in case of power outages.

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