Photos Show Woman ‘Giving Birth’ To New Kitten

January 20, 2018

Cat photos are popular on social media, as are pics of birthing moms.

So it’s no wonder Lucy Schultz managed the Reese’s peanut butter cup version of going viral when she managed to combine the two favorite things into a bizarrely beautiful birth announcement.

The Denver-based photographer recently adopted a kitten and decided to announce the new member of her family in a manner similar to moms of human infants.

In some photos, Schultz looks as if she’s giving birth to the kitten, who hasn’t been named. Others show her and her boyfriend, Steven, with the rapturous glow of first-time parents.

Schultz posted the feline photo shoot on Facebook on Friday, and the pictures have been shared more than 73,000 times since then.

See the BIZARRE Photo Shoot HERE