Farrah Abraham’s Firing Was Caught on Tape & She Was Not a Happy Camper

he upcoming season of Teen Mom OG is sure to be filled with a lot of emotions and drama, as always. But this season is likely to have even more major changes in the girls' lives than usual!


Chester Bennington’s Autopsy Reveals What The Linkin Park Singer Had In His System When He Died

Chester Bennington’s death came suddenly and surprisingly, and the details surrounding his passing, aside from the fact that it was determined to be a suicide, were scant.


Manhunt Underway for Fugitive *Armed & Dangerous*

WOOSTER, Ohio - A manhunt is underway for a wanted fugitive who fired shots at officers while leading them on a pursuit Tuesday morning.

Around 1:30 a.m., police spotted James "Bubba" Schmidt, who is wanted for multiple felony warrants, at a Walmart on Burbank Road in Wooster.


The Conspiracy Behind This Britney Spears Instagram And Her *Real* Singing Voice

Sit back, relax, I'm here to tell you a story about lies, deceit, not understanding memes, being rich, people who thrive on hate, liars, angels, legends, and a short history of how Britney's record label sabotage'd her gorgeous voice. In essence, get ready drama.


These Christmas Songs Say What?!?

Your favorite Christmas songs are dirtier than you think! We've been singing along all these years how have we not caught on?!  CLICK HERE to listen to the Christmas songs you thought were innocent!


Ohio Officer accidentally TASERS partner during arrest

Two officers were trying to arrest a man involved in a domestic violence incident when one of the officers was struck by the device


Co-founder of Ice Bucket Challenge dies after ALS battle

Founder of The Ice Bucket Challenge died Today


Browns Fan Granted Permit For 0-16 Parade In Downtown Cleveland

All of Cleveland filled into downtown last summer for the Cleveland Cavaliers championship parade. They may be getting another one soon – just without the ‘championship’ part.


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